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'The opportunities you are giving my daughter are wonderful. I am so proud.'

'I love Pre-Con's relaxed atmosphere that allows you to grow as a musician, and the smaller chamber groups create a space where we can develop in confidence.'

'In the past year my son has developed hugely as a musician. The holistic approach that the staff at Pre-Conservatoire take has meant that he has the confidence and knowledge to take his performing and composing forward. He is so inspired by the work he does on Wednesdays that he now has written most of his first album and has got involved with performing in many different settings.' 

'I really enjoy being able to play with like-minded musicians in one space. It's great to experience other people's perspectives'


'Thank you for all you do at Bristol Pre-Conservatoire. My daughter looks forward to her Wednesday evenings so much and I receive lovely calls and texts telling me all about it. She was chatting about next term already on the drive home. The concert was tremendous. What amazing talent and how wonderfully nurtured by you all.'

'My tutor is an incredible jazz musician and I have so much to learn from him. He's an amazing person to be teaching young people, and I enjoy his sessions a lot'.


'I wanted to thank you for an inspiring and heart warming concert last Sunday. To see young people revel in performing to such a high standard is testament to your dedication and hard work. We are grateful that our daughter has the opportunity close to home and Roots is a constant highlight to her week.”

'You should be very, very proud of the work you do with Pre-Con. Those young people put on an incredible concert; I am astonished by the performances I saw, they were a delight to hear.'

'A big thank you to everyone at Pre-Con for creating a life-changing platform for young musicians to improve and discover their "inner maestro".'

'Thank you so much for the work you have done with our daughter and the amazing opportunities she is getting for developing her musical confidence. We were absolutely bowled over by the Piazolla performance at the end of last term. We had never heard her play so beautifully. The whole concert was lovely. Thank you!'


'It’s great that our son gets so many fantastic opportunities from being involved in Pre-Con – thank you!'


'I can honestly say that the Pre-Con has changed my son's musical life.'

'It’s great to see so many teenagers taking part and the atmosphere is so friendly.'

'With thanks to my tutor Pre-Con has taught me to love sight-reading which I thought would never happen!'

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